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Miami Real Estate


If you want to buy or sell your property in Florida, we can help you! We do Residential and Commercial sales.


Short term and long term rentals. Contact us if you are relocating to Miami or need a vacation rental for you.


If you want to invest in Miami, check out the options for short sales, foreclosure and good market opportunities.


When people talk about Miami, what usually comes to mind is South Beach with its great year-round weather, gorgeous beaches, pulsing nightlife, top restaurants, Lincoln Road, and Ocean Drive. However, with the recent development north of South Beach and the addition of 23,000 condos in Downtown Miami over the last 8 years, Miami is becoming more and more gentrified, making it an increasingly fitting place to have either a permanent residence or a second or third home.

  • A World classy city
  • Many luxury condos
  • A true international destination


Why Invest in Orlando?

There were 68 Million visitors to Orlando in 2016 and more are projected to visit in 2017.
-Affordable Real Estate Investment
According to the National Association of Realtors®, the overall number of international and domestic investors has risen annually. Since buyers are seeing dramatic price increases in Miami and Southwest Florida, Orlando is becoming the clear choice for buyers looking for greater value
-Strong Real Estate Appreciation
According to Fortune Builders™, appreciation rates for the Orlando real estate market nearly tripled the national average during the second quarter of 2016, with homes appreciating at a rate of 12.6%, compared to the rest of the country at 4.9%. The three-year appreciation rate skyrocketed to 38.4%, compared to the national average of 17.8%.
-Incredible Growth
The Central Florida area is growing and Forbes has ranked Orlando #3 in future job growth.Growth outside the theme parks is booming – including attractions like the Orlando Eye, Sea Life and the Orlando Aquarium. Soon Orlando will be the home of the world’s tallest roller coaster, The Skyscraper

What Our Clients Say About Us

“Seriousness, transparency, solidity and responsibility. These qualities are part of the professional and personal essence of Talita. In addition, she understands the foreign client’s needs; she provides great property management and concierge services. Talita & Everything Miami Realty: I’m your fan !!!”

A. Targino

“We want to thank all attention and affection you had with us. You are a person very talented and with a bright future, managed to capture our desire and make real trough of their sensitivity and competence . I hope this is the first of many deals!”

D. Bezerra & G.. Santos

“The dream of having a property in Miami been realized is an indescribable feeling! I was powered by this dream when I contacted Talita who I already knew as a friend. She proved to be an excellent professional in Real Estate. Since the first moment she was very helpful and always seeking for the best investment opportunities to meet my expectations. After a long search came the tricky part; the financing of the property, it was again when Talita with her team knew how to direct me very precisely so that everything could be quick and safe! Today I am a happy owner of a property in Downtown Miami! I recommend Talita 100% !!”

F. Lemos

“Professional, skilled , experienced, committed, transparent, confident, partner, friend, finally there are several adjectives and qualities that could wipe out the entire dictionary to describe Talita Pinheiro. But few are close to the work she performed with us. It is not easy for those unfamiliar laws and how things work in the American system to incorporate a property in the US. But with her it was easier than we thought. Their assistance and dedication anytime and on any day made ​​all the difference . Thank you for being part of our lives.”

G. Frasson

“The Desire to have a property in Miami, was only possible with the advice and care of Talita. She could understand exactly what we were looking for.We entered into a unique and different property exactly as we would like to have in South Beach. Talita managed to capture exactly what we were looking for. In addition to excellent broker, today she is the one who manages the property. Always helpful and available to us to meet. Congratulations for the work, affection and trust. Success in this profession that give you so much pleasure.”

J. Silva

“Me and Talita Pinheiro met at a party. Yes, she can have time for that and maybe that sentence is the most surprising of my story. I needed something simple that would give her more work than money. What I thought was simple was a bit more work and she found it all usual facing it with smiles on her face always. After the deal was done I realized in her another quality: the post commission. Let me explain: even after she had already received her payment, she was still over there helping in whatever way possible. Today I know that money she earned with me was little but in another hand she won an admirer who writes these lines with great pleasure. Talita, thank you. You are an inspiration!”

R. Burstin

“Through the work of a committed team, Everything Miami team has done much more than only finding the ideal home for my family. We were taken care of by Gabriela DeMelo and since the beginning she oriented us on the first steps of our move to a new country. Gabriela is an extremely dedicated professional and in a short time we have reached our goal. We first rented a property and in less than a year we bought our house! That would not be possible in such a short time if we did not have the support of Gabriela. We are very happy in our house and we thank immensely all the team from Everything Miami and, especially, Gabriela!”

V. Reina